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FineMolds 1/35 IJA Type 89 Medium Tank Ko

RM 173.90

The Type 89 tank was the first mass-produced tank produced in Japan, and was initially designated as the Type 89 light tank. After undergoing various modifications and increased in weight it was redesignated as Type 89 medium tank.

The A type was powered by gasoline engine, while B type was later equipped with a diesel engine. This kit, reproduced as the B type of the "Haruna" that was deployed in mainland China.

For more details, please refer to : https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FM/FM56.html

1. 3 types of markings are included.
2. The painting instruction is a full-color
3. 3 pages of actual vehicle commentary.
4. The anti-aircraft machine gun can be equipped or stored.
5. Selectable headlights position.
6. Tracks are made of soft resin and are belt type.
7. The muffler cover is made of etching that reproduces the mesh pattern of the actual vehicle.