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Academy 1/32 F-4E USAF "Vietnam War"

RM 400.00

Academy has re-released the Revell 1/32 F-4E with a newly-tooled sprue, a turned-metal pitot tube, RBF tags and a comprehensive decal sheet.

The newly tooled sprue comprises the parts needed to build late production F-4E's with the TISEO fairing, wing root strike cameras, ARN-101 DMAS antenna, rear-view mirrors for the backseater canopy frame and also a short gun muzzle for very early F-4E's.

The outboard wing panels from the Revell RF-4C are also included so you can build a hard-wing F-4E or a F-4EJ.

Decals are provided for two early Vietnam-era USAF F-4E's in the SEA scheme, a late RoKAF F-4E also in the SEA scheme, two late USAF F-4E's in the Euro 1 scheme and two F-4EJ's in what appears to be a special wrap-around light gull grey scheme.